And I could walk 500 yards, and I could (possibly) walk 500 more

I’m relatively well at the moment, compared with the states of decrepitude I’ve been in previously, thanks to ME/CFS. Nevertheless, my physical fitness and exercise tolerance is pretty low. Think aching muscles and profuse sweating after a few minutes, unless I take it easy. Having looked into local gym memberships (rip-off) and buying home exercise equipment off eBay (other second-hand tat sites are available), I’ve decided that the best and most cost-effective thing for me to do is go for a little walk every day. I did this before, when I was going through a bit of a rough patch last spring. My walk then was the five minute on-foot journey to the local shop and back. It was better than nothing.

This time, I think I can manage to go a bit further. Maybe even walk for twenty minutes! So I’ll be getting out of the surgery in my lunch breaks to get some fresh air and have a fairly brisk walk into one or other of the two Herefordshire/Powys market towns where I work. Accounts of these walks probably won’t make for fascinating blog posts but I’ll post a picture if I happen to pass an interesting sheep or tractor.

I read somewhere that when doing graded exercise, a rest to exercise ratio of 3:1 is recommended. So if you exercise for 5 minutes, you should rest for 15 minutes. I know, a reference would be useful, but I can’t remember where I found this tip. It seems sensible to me, anyway.

Let me know what physical activity you can manage and whether or not you find it helpful.

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