Need another week off sick to recover from my week off sick

It’s Sunday, the traditional day of sinking anticipation of the return to work. To be quite honest, l could do with another week or two off, in bed, sleeping. I’ve been a little foolish, or at least I’ve tried to be like a normal person and clean the house a bit. This has made me realise that if l lived alone all the time (mum’s on holiday this week), I would either live in squalor but maintain an acceptable degree of stamina, live in an acceptably clean house but spend my whole life cleaning/recovering from cleaning, or I’d have to get a cleaner.

Perhaps I’ll bite the bullet and get a cleaner. l already feel an arse for having this option. I’m lucky. For many of those affected, chronic illness hits the pocket hard. So do you manage to prevent your place from descending into Withnail-like squalor? And how?

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