Not so much working outside the envelope as in the recycling bin

I returned to work yesterday. I half-explained to my colleagues that I have a ‘chronic health condition’ that has flared up and so I need to reduce my hours, and it turns out they don’t need me after January anyway (whether this is to do with my general decrepitude or not I don’t know. Probably). So everyone’s a winner.

Just these last two days have taken a huge amount of willpower and positive self-talk (including the nutty-sounding ‘come on, legs’ as I go up the stairs at work. I’m past caring if anyone hears me). But I’ve done it. And I feel as though I’ve been beaten up.

Only two more days in work this week to go! Come on, brain! Come on, body!

Are you struggling with work? Or are you winning? Do you know what you should be doing to pace yourself but feel that you ‘have to do more’, or that you ‘have no choice’? Get in touch.

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