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I make the same sort of new year’s resolutions every year – get more organised, try to get fit, start doing the things I enjoy again. It’s the last one that I care about most, although it needs the others to happen in order to make it possible. Being a (now only wannabe) creative type, I feel that something is missing when I’m not producing something of my own making just for fun. Unfortunately, when you have a chronic illness and all your energy goes on just doing the necessary things, hobbies come pretty far down the list of priorities. But we need more than just fulfilling the basics of everyday survival to make our lives whole. When I was a kid, I would take a sketchpad everywhere I went. I loved drawing and painting just for the sake of it. I hardly do it any more and when I do, the pain I get makes it quite difficult. I also used to love playing music but for a long time have been unable to hold my violin due to shoulder and back pain and muscle fatigue.

I hope that I will get well enough to enjoy my hobbies again. I aim to make a start this year on doing at least a few minutes a day or every few days of something I really enjoy. Get in touch and let me know if there’s anything you’ve been forced to give up through being ill. It would also be great to hear from those of you who have managed to get back into your hobbies again, or if there is something new that you’ve taken up since becoming unwell.

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