Coming out

After struggling through three days at work this week, l couldn’t manage to haul my ass in again this morning, so I called in sick. I hate calling in sick. I always sound like I’m faking it and end up apologising profusely.

‘Er, hi, J___. I, er, I’m not going to make it in today… l’m really not well. It feels like the flu. I’m really sorry to let you down. l just, uh, don’t think I’m safe to make clinical decisions while I’m feeling like this.’

I’ve already had ‘the flu’ this winter so they must be wondering how, as a doctor, l believe that I’ve caught it again. But I’m not lying; l do feel like I’ve got the flu. I’ve just been too scared to tell colleagues that I’ve got ME/CFS.

Well, it can’t go on. I’m going to come out. We’ll see what happens.

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