A Quick Tip

This is aimed at those people with ME/CFS coming out of a relapse and starting to little bits of physical activity. I just cleaned out the pets’ hutches. I find it quite strenuous and was feeling achey and hot by the time I’d finished. The old heart rate was hovering around the 100 mark so I knew I’d done enough.

Next step: lie down with two pillows under legs to raise feet above heart level. Take in a deep breath to the count of one or two, feeling the diaphragm move downwards but no movement of the ribs (this is abdominal breathing). Exhale slowly for as long as you can. I work up to a count of 24. It slows my pulse down and relaxes me. Then I just rest, lying down, for about half an hour. Give it a try. I’m hoping it will help reduce post-exertional malaise. Will keep you posted.

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